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  • This series is a popular and cheep edition.
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a 25CHS 25CN
Capacity kN 250
Stroke Length mm 15 20 25 30 30 50
SPM 600 500 400 320
Die height mm 217 215 212 210 210 200
mm 50 40 30
SlideArea mm 240*200
Bolster mm 500*300*60
BedOpening mm 260*215
BackOpening mm 180
MainMotor kW 3.7 2.2
Weight ton 2

Standard equipments list

Inverter motor
Air clutch & brake
Die height scale (1/10mm)
Power outlets
(100V/200V one each)
Air gun (1set)
Jamming remover
Automatic lubrication system
Crank angle indicator
Rotary cam proximity switch
Drip type punching oil supplier
with 2-liter tank
Material end detecting switch
LCD Production counter
LCD Preset counter
Speed meter
Hydraulic lock type
slide adjusting screw
(CN Only)
Safety connectors
(2 for emergency stop and
2 for normal stop,12VDC)
Cushion rubber pad
Optional Digital die height meter
Digital cranl angle indicator
Punching oil supplier
(Electric pump)
Air ejector
Over current detector
Flywheel, left
LCD Production counter
LCD Preset counter
Digital speed meter
Digital Ammeter
Programmable controller sequencer
Hour meter
Arrangement for stopping
at a fixed point
Digital cam
Hydraulic die clamper
Hydraulic die lifter
Die arm
Aluminium alloy ram plate
Ram plate
Vibration absorber
Safety guard
Photo-electric safety device
Noise insulator
Oil pan base
Electric leak breaker (NFB)
Die area lighting
Feed reversing device
Character display
Cycle counter
Safety stop device
Die height detector
Auto die changer